Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

Wenn Werbeagenturen keine Ahnung haben …

English Title: If the ad industry has no idea!

The new Kindle TV commercial looked very interesting when I saw it for the first time on television but the more they played the advertisement, and began to interrupt my favorite movie, the more I got annoyed by it. The advertisement kept popping up so many times that in my subconscious I began to discover its typographical flaws! It not only showed the typesetting in the wrong direction but also displayed totally different print results off it on the paper.

Geee!… obviously the commercial producers had no clue what metal type is and how it works yet they wanted to make a cool promotion for a device that claims to take over print! No wonder the ending part of the storyboard drags viewer’s attention from traditional printing into “Cut the Rope” game!

God bless Steve Jobs's soul who had the courage to stand-up for what he believed and refused to fall for the exuberance of the Kitsch mass market. He wanted to revolutionize personal computing and the desktop publishing, but he didn’t just go and make cool things without getting professionals involved in the process. That’s why his products and marketing strategy worked. (Sam)

Typography flaws in the new Kindle Fire TV commercial ad.
Hurray for ǝןpuıʞ! Forget all the flaws in the type setting Typography. The shift from traditional print to the games and gossip magazines at the end is just “astonishing”! --NOT REALLY!
Typography flaws in the new Kindle Fire TV commercial ad.
I “love” the way they show “n” getting inserted into its place! "Gutenberg" must be rolling over in his grave!
The wrong typesetting direction is just “wonderful”! -- Wrong, Wrong and Wrong!

Typography flaws in the new Kindle Fire TV commercial ad.
Look! We set type in the direction we read, and the imprint is ”NOT“ reversed!!! -- Oh ... you kidding me??
Our magic paper can shift the lines and even change the lowercase “w” into a capital letter “W”!!!